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Fans of Dist
15th-May-2007 08:54 pm
SH4: Henry // Ascend
Hi again. Brought a simple drabble this time. Hope you like.^^

1000 Themes Challenge
Rating: G
Character: Dist
Word Count: 173
200. Do Not Disturb

Unless he’s been summoned, he locks himself away in his lab. A thick, giant door with a plaque on it that says in bold ‘Do Not Disturb’ is his gateway. He travels into his own little world filled with fonmachines, text books, reports, information on replica studies, and memories.

Working away, reading and writing everything, it reminds him of the old days. The old classrooms with wooden chairs and tables, books lined up on shelves, pencils and pens scattered everywhere. The equations written on the board, the notes, the homework, and the extra credit assignments.

He remembers all of the projects, presentations, and labs. He remembers all of the good grades and partners he’s had. It’s not all that hard… He’s only worked with one person in his life. And now they’re gone. And he’ll remember… all the entries he made in his journals, and the ink blotches, and tear stains…

He’ll be working in his lab, slumped over his desk, wishing his mind would obey the sign and stop disturbing his heart.

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